Leisure Time Sodium Bromide -  1 lb
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Leisure Time Sodium Bromide - 1 lb

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Product Description

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide -  1 lb

Leisure Time Spa Sodium Bromide creates a bromide reserve when using Brom Tabs to ensure a fully bromine-based sanitizing system. Leisure Time Sodium Bromide is an effective way make your sanitizing system more effective. With Sodium Bromide in your hot tub, you can enjoy clean water while your sanitizing chemistry lasts longer.


  • For use with brominating tablets in hot tubs
  • Establishes a bromide reserve


  1. Add 1/2 oz. per 100 gallons of spa water for 30 ppm bromide reserve.
  2. Add Bromide Tabs to establish a bromine level.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 when your Spa is drained and refilled.

Using Sodium Bromide for Hot Tubs

To start using Leisure Time’s spa Sodium Bromide, add ½ oz. of the chemical per 100 gallons of water (you should achieve a 30 ppm bromide reserve). Then, you can add brom tabs to your spa to establish a bromine level.

You can repeat this process whenever you drain and refill your spa. Once you’ve established a bromine reserve, you’ll be able to enjoy an effective bromine sanitization system.

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