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    Non-Chlorine Spa Chemicals & Alternatives

    Sanitizing your spa water is one of the most important aspects of spa maintenance. Warm water has been known to promote the growth of unwanted microorganisms and bacteria. This is why regular sanitation is so important, as it ensures that your family and friends are safe from potentially harmful bacteria. Not to mention, clear spa water simply makes for a better and more cleansing experience!

    Despite its many uses, occasionally someone in your friends or family group will be allergic to chlorine. Or what if you simply don’t like that highly chlorinated, chemical scent? Don’t worry—there are plenty of alternatives that are perfect for the spa owner who prefers non-chlorine spa chemicals.

    Bromine and Beyond

    At MKM Pool Spa, we offer many non-chlorine spa chemicals that will help keep your spa safe and squeaky clean. Some chemicals, such as bromine pods or shock treatments, help oxidize the water and rid it of bacteria, along with the chlorine smell. Many of our products work with both chlorine and bromine spas, so you can feel confident and safe every time you take a dip.

    If you’re also looking for a cleaning system that works with your non-chlorine spa chemicals, we’ve got just the thing. Purifiers, filtration systems, and mineral sanitizers make light work of cleaning your spa—and some filters only require you to stock once a month!

    Clean At A Low Cost

    MKM Pool Spa is proud to provide pool and spa owners with exceptional products at guaranteed low prices. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions; our customer service team is available at 980-328-3043 and can be reached at Get in touch with MKM Pool Spa today for all your cleaning and maintenance needs.