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Product Description

Clor Mor Spa Soft Shock is an auxiliary, non-chlorine oxidant (shock treatment) that oxidizes organic materials in spa water and allows bathing immediately after use. Treatment with Soft Shock on a periodic basis improves the efficiency of sanitizing chemicals such as chlorine and bromine by oxidizing and eliminating contaminate waste, and restoring sparkle and clarity to spa water. FEATURES & BENEFITS Compatible with chlorine and bromine based sanitizers Dissolves quickly and completely Place directly into the spa water with the system operating Will not foam or cloud water Will not fade bathing suits Does not form chloramines or generate irritating chloramine odors Oxidizes chloramine forming compounds on contact without producing other problem byproducts SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE Soft Shock contains potassium monopersulfate that provides superior performance in spas without the drawbacks that often accompany traditional chlorine shocking. Chlorine shock treatments must raise the chlorine level 5 to 10 times over the level of combined chlorine before chloramines are effectively eliminated. This procedure is called ¿break point¿ and still might not eliminate all the chloramines in the water. Soft Shock eliminates the compounds that cause chloramines so "break point" chlorination is not required. Soft Shock is dose dependent; therefore, small amounts will eliminate small amounts and larger amounts will eliminate larger amounts or all chloramine causing compounds. APPLICATION With filter pump operating, broadcast Soft Shock uniformly over the surface of the spa water to ensure complete mixing and good circulation. Bathers should not be in the spa during treatment. Bathers may re-enter the water 15 minutes after treatment. In spas using Brominating Tablets as a sanitizer or Spa Start (sodium bromide) as a source of bromide ion, this product acts as both a shock treatment to oxidize organic contaminants and to generate hypobromous acid by oxidation of bromide ion. In general, commercial spas require higher doses of this product than residential spas. Add two (2) to four (4) ounces of this product per 500 gallons of spa water to immediately oxidize and eliminate organic contaminants introduced by bathers. Public spas that are used every day may need treatment on a daily or more frequent basis. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED AS A REPLACEMENT FOR ROUTINE SANITIZATION USING APPROVED SANITIZERS SUCH AS CHLORINATING GRANULES AND BROMINATING TABLETS.


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