Clor Mor Brominating Tablets - 1.5 lb

Clor Mor Spa Brominating Tablets - 1.5 lb

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Product Description

Clor Mor Spa Bromine Tablets - 1.5lb


  • Works continually to kill bacteria – The hypobromous acid released when the tablets are dissolved in water works continually to kill bacteria, control algae and oxidize the organic contaminants in water.
  • Ideal for spas – Unlike its chlorine counterpart, bromamines form when hypobromous acid comes in contact with nitrogen compounds and other bather wastes. Bromamines are excellent disinfectants.
  • No irritating odors – Bromamines do not give rise to irritating odors like those produced by chloramines and are therefore well suited for spas.
  • Reduced eye irritation – Brominating sanitizers cause very minimal eye irritation.
  • Returns sparkle to hazy water.
  • Spa water treated with Brominating Tablets is less pH sensitive and less susceptible to degradation from the higher temperatures of spa water.

Brominating Tablets are the most popular method of spa water bromination. Bromine based sanitizers are strong, effective disinfectants. They kill harmful bacteria, aid in algae control and help keep the spa clean and clear. Brominating Tablets leave beneficial bromine residual in the water that continually destroys new bacteria entering the pool, protecting bathers from potentially harmful contaminants and therefore are a critical part of any pool care program.
As the tablets dissolve, both hypobromous acid and hypochlorous acid are released, hence the excellent disinfection properties of the compound. On contact with microorganisms and other organic content, hypobromous acid gets converted into the inactive form or spent bromine. Hypochlorous acid reacts with the built up spent bromine and converts it back to the active sanitizing hypobromous acid form. Although chlorine is continuously being added to the water in the form of hypochlorous acid, hypobromous acid is the primary disinfectant and oxidizer.


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