Clor Mor Spa pH Minus - 1.5 lb  -  F084002027SC

Clor Mor Spa pH Minus - 1.5 lb

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Brand: Clor Mor Spa
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Product Description

Clor Mor Spa pH Minus - 1.5 lb

Clor Mor Spa pH Minus helps lower the pH level in your spa or hot tub.

High pH (above 7.8) can cause scaling, calcium deposition and cloudy water. pH Minus is a fast dissolving, granular pool acid that lowers the pH and alkalinity of spa water. Safer to handle than muriatic acid. 10 oz. of pH Minus is equivalent to 1 pt. of muriatic acid.

Comparable to Leisure Time Spa Down (22338A) , and Rendezvous Spa Specialties pH Down (106694A)


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