Leisure Time Renew - 2.2 lb  -  RENU2 Leisure Time Renew - 2.2 lb  -  RENU2
Leisure Time Renew - 2.2 lb  -  RENU2 Leisure Time Renew - 2.2 lb  -  RENU2
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Leisure Time Renew - 2.2 lb

Brand: Leisure Time
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Product Description

Leisure Time Renew - 2.2 lb

Not every spa owner is a fan of highly chlorinated water. That’s why Leisure Time Renew was created. While chlorine is an extremely effective method of cleaning a pool or spa and killing harmful bacteria, viruses and algae, it does not agree with all pool and spa users.

Bathers with chlorine sensitivities often endure red, irritated eyes, skin, and even rashes from too much exposure to the chemicals. Not only do chlorine chemicals affect the eyes and skin, but environmentalists know that, while chlorine is a naturally occurring chemical, it is known to have harmful effects on the environment in large quantities. Leisure Time Renew is a non-chlorine shock oxidizer that gently cleans spas of residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials that can build up in spa water without the irritating effects of chlorine.


  • Leisure Time Renew quickly dissolves in water to rid spa water of oils and residue.
  • Eliminates organic materials that cause odors, skin and eye irritation.
  • Use spa minutes after application.
  • pH buffered so it does not effect pH level.
  • Buffer potassium monopersulfate compound
  • Formulated with DuPont Oxone
  • Allows for use immediately after application


After Each Use:
1. Turn on filtration system.
2. For each 250 gallons of water, add 2 ounces of Renew directly into spa water.
3. Run filtration system for 15 minutes with cover off.
4. Repeat process once a week to help maintain clear, odor-free water.

Leisure Time Renew Compatible With:

Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems, as well as the Reserve & Renew System.

Efficient, Effective, and Affordable.

Best of all, this is among the most cost efficient chlorine-free sanitizing systems available to home pool and spa owners. MKM Pool Spa is the leader in both quality and affordability in all pool and spa needs.

There is no reason to pay more; MKM Pool Spa offers the lowest prices guaranteed. If you spot a lower price while browsing online, MKM Pool Spa will gladly match it.


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15 Years and counting
Written by Brad on 1st Jun 2017

I have been using Leisure Time Renew for 15 years and it keeps my spa water clean and odor free.

Written by undefined on 22nd Nov 2016

Leisure Time has the best products for my hot tub. Like the Renew product for weekly maintenance.

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