Non-Chlorine Shock

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    Most people know the pool-cleaning routine: pull an armload of chemicals from your supply closet, measure them carefully (before you get a headache from the fumes), pour them in the water, wait, test and repeat as necessary. When it’s over, you’ll have sanitized, sparkling water - but can you achieve that without chlorine?

    Water That’s Clean - Without Chlorine!

    At MKM Pool Spa, we offer non-chlorine shock that will clean and oxidize your pool water. Use one of these treatments once a week, and you’ll find that clean pool water really is possible without chlorine.

    We carry non-chlorine shock from some of the most trusted names in pool and spa care, like ClearView, Clor Mor, GLB, and Natural. With these shock treatments, you can have a clean pool without any harsh chemicals or chlorine smell - just crystal clear water in which you can safely swim.

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