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    Slime Removers and Algaecide for Swimming Pools

    Slime build-up on the floor of your swimming pool is often caused by algae growth. The best weapon against problematic algae growth is algaecide for swimming pools. If you regularly notice slime and algae growth in your swimming pool, experts recommend that you use algaecide treatments in your pool on a weekly basis.

    How Algaecide Can Help

    Algae is a tenacious plant life that can grow in nearly any kind of water. While it seems like the normal chemicals in pool water, such as chlorine would be enough to keep this slimey plant growth at bay, algae growth is a surprisingly common problem for swimming pool owners. A powerful algaecide for swimming pools can work both as a preventative measure to stop algae growth before it can start and it can kill off existing algae, ridding your otherwise beautiful swimming pool of this unsightly slime.

    Leading Solutions

    We carry slime removers and algaecides from trusted brands such as Coral Seas, GLB, Ultima, and United Chemical. Our specially-selected inventory is meant to address several types of slime and algae that can grow in pools, if left untreated.

    Green algae is by far the most common type of growth and can occur from poor filtration or a chlorine deficiency. Luckily, this type of algae is easily treatable with products such as Coral Seas Green to Clean, available in 2 and 4 pound containers, or United Chemical Green Treat.

    While slightly harder to tackle, free-floating or yellow algae stuck on pool walls is definitely treatable with targeted solutions like Coral Seas Yellow Out, United Chemical Yellow Treat, and Ultima Yello-Free Algaecide.

    Though less common, pink slime and white water mold can also affect pools. It’s important to note that these slimes and molds will require more heavy-duty, targeted cleaners, such as United Chemical Pink Treat. This EPA-registered algaecide for swimming pools is specially formulated to attack pink algae and white water mold.

    Trust MKM Pool Spa

    At MKM Pool Spa, you can find a vast variety of different types of algaecides for swimming pools, made with all different types of swimming pools in mind, regardless of size, shape or chemical makeup. There is no need to live with with slimy pool floors and walls; MKM Pool Spa make choosing and using algaecides and slime removers simple and cost effective.

    If you have questions about treating your pool water for algae or slime, call us today at 980-328-3043 or reach us online at