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Coral Seas Yellow Out - 2 Lb

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Product Description

Algae comes in many different varieties, and every one of them can ruin a fun day at the pool. But now, Coral Seas Yellow Out is here to put an end to algae in as little as 24 hours! This pool chemical works with chlorine to completely dissolve mustard, green, brown or pink algae.

MKM Pool Spa’s 2-pound tub of Yellow Out can be yours at a discounted price. With this chemical in your supply closet, you’ll never have to worry about an algae infestation. Simply pour some in and add your chlorine; in no time at all, your pool will look as good as new!

How Does It Work?

When algae is starting to bloom in your pool, reach for Coral Seas Yellow Out. Add Yellow Out directly into your pool water (do not mix in any container beforehand) and wait five minutes. Then, simply add some EPA-registered chlorine and let your pump run for 24 hours.

These two chemicals will work together to dissolve any algae present, which means you don’t have to do anything - no scrubbing, no brushing, no fuss!

Want To Learn More?

If you have questions about Coral Seas Yellow Out or any of our other algaecides and pool care products, just ask! Call us at 980-328-3043, email (for general questions), or email (for tech support). Our customer service team will be happy to answer all your questions!

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