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    If you want to avoid algae growth, dirty water, or damage to the walls of your pool or spa, you need to be sure that your water is cleaned and sanitized regularly. Typically, people turn to chlorine to meet this need. This chemical kills off bacteria that found its way into the pool, keeping your water clean and safe.

    What can you do if you’re allergic to chlorine? What if you don’t like the harsh smell that it produces? Thankfully, there is an alternative to chlorine for the more selective pool and spa owners: bromine. MKM Pool Spa carries a great selection of bromine tablets for pools and spas so you can find just the right cleaning solution for your needs.

    A Stable Sanitizer

    For some people, bromine tablets for pools and spas are an attractive choice because of their stability. Unlike chlorine, bromine does not break down in sunlight, which means it does not need a stabilizer to complement its use. In fact, it’s is also more stable in hot water, making it the go-to sanitizer in spas and hot tubs.

    Our bromine tablets for spas and pools are slow-dissolving, which means that one tablet can last a bit longer than your standard treatment. For convenience and value, we carry tubs weighing between 25 and 50 pounds. With so many bromine tablets at your disposal, you won’t have trouble keeping your pool sparkling clean.

    Any Questions?

    Do you have questions about any of our other pool and spa supplies? Our customer service team will be happy to help you with any questions or comments. Simply call 980-328-3043, email for general questions, or email for technical support. We look forward to helping you find the best bromine tablets for your pool and spa needs!