Unicel 6CH-352 - Cartridge - Artesian Spas Unicel 6CH-352 - Cartridge - Artesian Spas Unicel 6CH-352 - Cartridge - Artesian Spas
Unicel 6CH-352 - Cartridge - Artesian Spas Unicel 6CH-352 - Cartridge - Artesian Spas Unicel 6CH-352 - Cartridge - Artesian Spas
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Unicel 6CH-352 Cartridge - Artesian Spas - 35 sq ft

SKU: UN-6CH-352
Brand: Unicel
UPC: 678285260152
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Product Description

Unicel Filter Replacement for Artesian Top Load Spa, 35 square foot cartridge. 

Measurements                         Replaces    

Outer Diameter    6”                 Pleatco        PAS40-F2M                               

Length                  7 5/8"           Filbur          FC-0309

Top Hole              Handle            

Bottom Hole        2” MPT

Unicel - Clearly the BEST POOL & SPA FILTERS

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cartridge Replacement

  • Does your cartridge meet the specifications of the NSF certification for your filter system? NSF certifies systems based on a stated square footage and type of media specified by the system manufacturer.
  • Is the basis weight of the media in your cartridge the same as that specified by the system manufacturer? Assure you are not getting a cartridge with media that weighs 3 ounces per square yard in a system that specifies elements with 4 ounces per square yard. “4 oz media” contains 33% more fibers by weight than “3 oz media”. This significantly increases its durability, filtration matrix and dirt trapping ability and provides for longer, more efficient filtration.
  • Is the media in your cartridge finished with a “flat bond” or a “point bond”? The point bonding process fuses the area on and around the bond for no or low water flow; this effectively reduces the surface area of your element up to 20%!
  • Does the square footage of your cartridge match that of your filter systems? Under or oversizing your elements may not yield the best system performance.
  • Does your replacement cartridge have support bands like the original from the system manufacturer did? The support bands on a cartridge play an important role in maintaining pleat spacing and preventing pleat bunching in the tank and during cleaning.
  • How does your cartridge balance “dirt holding” and “cleanability?” Dirt holding and cleanability are a tradeoff. Cartridges that hold more dirt are going to be harder to clean.
  • Made in the USA


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