Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover – 2 lb   MSR202

Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover – 2 lb

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Product Description

Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover – 2 lb

Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover will safely remove iron, copper, rust and manganese from all types of pool finishes. Our triple-strength concentrated formula is amazingly effective.

  • Safe for all pool surface types
  • A unique triple strength concentrated formula
  • Competitive products contain only a single component of our blend
  • Works quickly; usually within 24 hours
  • Renews and brightens older, dull concrete finishes
  • Can be used as a spot treatment in concrete pools
  • Compatible with salt chlorine generators
  • Treats a broader range of stains than competitive products
  • Removes all types of metal and mineral stains
  • Use of a metal sequestering agent recommended to prevent stains from returning
  • One 2 lb. jar-top container treats 15,000 gallons

Safe. Powerful. Amazingly Effective. Iron stains appear as a brown or rust discoloration. Copper stains look like blue, grey or black spots. Black spots can also be stains from manganese. Organic stains, commonly from leaves or tree fruit, often retain the color and shape of the object. If a stain is not caused by algae, chances are it is a metal stain. Use Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover as an over-all treatment or as a spot treatment to remove stains and treat with Metal Gone to prevent further staining.


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