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    When you own a pool or spa, keeping it clean is necessary. A pool free from algae and calcium scaling with clear, sparkling water is the stuff that BBQs and weekend parties are made of! To remove pesky, persistent algae without the back breaking work, we carry a great line-up of Gabco products.

    The Wall Whale

    How does The Wall Whale help you scrub algae off your pool’s walls and floor? This product attaches to any pole you have handy, acting like a spoiler to help you hug the walls of your pool as you scrub. Not only can you scrub those hard-to-reach spaces without putting pressure on your back, you can get that pool extra clean; with The Wall Whale in place, you can deliver up to ten times the force that you would use with your standard scrub brush.

    MKM Pool Spa carries two variations of The Wall Whale: the Classic model and the XL model. Both feature sturdy nylon bristles, which can last up to four times as long as your standard plastic bristle. Once you incorporate this handy device into your pool care routine, you’ll find yourself saving countless time and money!  

    Other Accessories

    The Wall Whale is not all we offer from Gabco Products. For those pool owners who hate getting their hands wet when it’s time to clean out the skimmer basket, we also offer Gabco’s Skimmer Angel. This simple attachment offers you a way to extract your skimmer from a safe distance - keeping your hands clean, dry, and far from any pesky critters that might have found their way inside.

    When you’re a pool owner with a busy schedule, accessories like these can easily give you the gorgeous, well-maintained pool you’ve been waiting for. MKM Pool Spa’s products and accessories are only a few clicks away, and shipping is fast, too! With an order from us, you’ll never have to worry about your pool care supplies.

    Pool Supplies at Great Prices

    Supplies like these are great to have around for a rainy day - or rather, a sunny day when you want to go swimming! Whatever your pool and spa needs are, MKM Pool Spa has the products you need ready to ship to your home. From The Wall Whale to the Skimmer Angel, we offer high quality, effective products at guaranteed low prices. In fact, if you find a lower price anywhere else, we’ll match it!

    Do you want to know more about our expert pool care advice or ordering through our online? For general questions contact us at or call 980-328-3043, and for technical assistance contact us at or call 980-328-3043. We look forward to helping you get your pool and spa clean and balanced.