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The Wall Whale Classic - 18" with Nylon Bristles

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Product Description


The Wall Whale Classic


Brushing with the Wall Whale Classic is your best defense against algae and dirt on your pool walls. This powerful tool will help you brush your pool quickly, easily and thoroughly (even in those hard to reach spots).

  • Powerful - The Wall Whale Classic delivers more than 10 times the force between brush and pool surface.
  • Thorough - Brush your pool thoroughly the first time, using just one hand. No more skipping down the side, missed spots or repeated passes over the same area.
  • Fast - The average residential pool can be brushed in about 5 minutes.
  • Simple - Attaches easily to any pole, no hoses, pumps, filters or motors.
  • Safe - Brushing a pool without the Wall Whale Classic is strenuous and risks back and muscle injury. No matter how hard you try, there is no way to effectively push down and hold in at the same time.
  • Quality - The Wall Whale Classic includes a Professional Grade metal handle brush. Nylon bristles last up to 4 times longer than normal plastic bristle brushes.
  • Saves Money - A weekly brushing is your best defense against algae. Reduce the need for costly and hazardous chemicals.

Sometimes keeping a swimming pool clean can feel like a full-time job. There are cleaning chemicals, brushes, vacuums -- the list goes on and on. But any job becomes easier with the right tools.


The Wall Whale brush is a specially designed pool wall cleaner with a spoiler to help the brush head hug your pool walls as you push forward to brush. This helps to focus your brushing power on the wall, making for a more effective clean with less strain on your lower back. With this brush, cleaning your pool walls is less of a pain (seriously -- less back pain)!


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Pool Brush
Written by kathleen ann duda on 9th Jun 2021

This brush looks great and works great. Easily brushes the pool walls with no back strain. Love it!

Something all pool owner's should have!
Written by Jay Cope on 5th Mar 2017

This is a great product. Great for brushing the walls and the bottom of the pool. You do not need to repeat brushing over the same area to make sure you covered the complete pool. The Wall Whale dose it all! I put the adjusting brace in the middle location as the directions suggest. The brush maintains pressure on the pool floor and walls. You do not need to strain keeping the bush in contact with the surface. The Wall Whale make the pool cleaner by stirring up the sand and particulate matter on the surface f the pool. the water is cleaner after the pump cycles. It makes it easier to vacuum. Cleaning the pool is a pleasure again!

Written by Theodore Scardamalia on 20th Jun 2016

Excellent product at a great price

Great Product
Written by Nomon on 7th Mar 2016

Back saver for anyone. Puts pressure on the brush to clean better while saving time.

Worth It At Almost Any Price
Written by Ellen P. on 18th Apr 2014

This brush does EXACTLY what we were told it would do: almost totally eliminate the effort required to brush the walls of our new in-ground pool. The contractor recommended it to us in lieu of the ordinary brush that came with the "pool package." He sells it for 2x the price. Knowing what I know now, I would have bought it from him - except for the value I found here, on MKM. We've yet to need additional cleaning supplies but when we do, I'll DEFINITELY PRICE CHECK him against MKM. Shipping was free and FAST. THANK YOU MKM

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