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Classic 17" All Purpose Brush, Poly Bristle

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Product Description

Classic 17” All Purpose, Economy Swimming Pool Brush Cleaner

Owning a pool can be lots of fun, but there is a considerable amount of upkeep to keep it clean. And when you are cleaning a pool, sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective. That’s why we offer this swimming pool brush cleaner - it’s a simple, all-purpose brush that gets the job done! Algae, debris, and dirt won’t stand a chance against this brush, so you’ll have a beautiful-looking pool all year long.

Pool Care Made Easy

This swimming pool brush cleaner is a whopping 17 inches wide, which makes it ideal for scrubbing away algae or stains along your pool walls, floor or stairs. The brush head easily attaches to most swimming pool poles, too, so you can clean with the pole of your choice. One-inch poly bristles will buff away dirt and debris without damaging your pool’s surface - and they last quite a long time too!

Want To Learn More?

At MKM Pool Spa, we know that pool maintenance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. That’s why we offer products like our swimming pool brush cleaner at the lowest delivered price.


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