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A clean swimming pool will give you hours of fun - whether you spend your time in the water or sitting poolside. At MKM Pool Spa, we provide our customers with cleaning chemicals, automatic cleaners, and other pool care supplies, all from brand names you can trust and at a great price.

Let’s say you’re a fan of Pool Pals products. You’ve made a great choice - their automatic pool cleaner is a quick, effective product that ensures clear, sparkling water in above and below ground pools. But what do you do if your pool maintenance equipment breaks down? Repair it? Instead, make it easy on yourself; MKM Pool Spa is only a few clicks away, and we have all the Pool Pals pool maintenance equipment items you need to get your pool back in shape.

Repair and Restore

With a trusted name like Pool Pals, it may not be often that you run into trouble with your pool or spa maintenance equipment. Still, we’ve got your back if something goes wrong! Our online store carries the essential Pool Pals pool products, so that you can find precisely what you need to maintain your pool clean and clear.

With the right pool supplies, you can ensure that your pool is always ready for a summer BBQ or afternoon swim. Make the right purchase, and pick up a few Pool Pals pool products to keep your water crystal clear!

Low Prices, Great Products

Spare supplies like these are great to have around for a rainy day - or rather, a sunny day when you want to go swimming! Whatever your pool and spa needs are, MKM Pool Spa can be your one-stop shop. From Pool Pals pool products to chlorine shock treatments, we offer high quality, effective products at guaranteed low prices. In fact, if you find a lower price anywhere else, we’ll match it!

And if you have questions regarding pool care, our online store, or anything else that comes to mind, feel free to drop us a line! For general questions contact us at or call 980-328-3043, and for technical assistance contact us at or call 980-328-3043. MKM Pool Spa can help you shop smarter for quality products.