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GABco Skimmer Angel

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Product Description


  • Keeps your hands clear during basket removal
  • Easy installation
  • Stabilizes basket

The GABco Skimmer Angel is your guardian against what lurks in your skimmer basket. Frogs, snakes, bugs, or even worse, there’s no telling what could be hiding in your skimmer basket. Using your hands to fish it out can be risky, not to mention icky, when you don’t know what’s in there. This is where the new GABco Skimmer Angel saves the day! With the Skimmer Angel, you can remove your basket without ever getting your hands wet or grimy. Keep yourself safe from critters, seen and unseen, with the GABCo Skimmer Angel.

Installation is quick and easy. Use the two screws included to attach it to the bottom of your skimmer basket. The Skimmer Angel sits on the basket, with the pool skimmer handle sitting just above the waterline and below the skimmer lid, providing optimal accessibility. The weighted plastic also sinks the skimmer basket, stabilizing the installation. Trust us, this Skimmer Angel is a pool owner’s best friend!

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