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Classic Leaf Skimmer - Molded

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Product Description

Classic Leaf Skimmer Net

Every pool owner has spent an afternoon or two fishing for debris that’s floating in your pool water. Maybe it was some leaves that settled there, or your wife’s earring that managed to come undone during a game of Marco Polo. But whatever you were fishing for, we’re willing to bet it wasn’t easy - unless you had a classic swimming pool leaf skimmer net from MKM Pool Spa!

A Net With Magnetic Force

This swimming pool leaf skimmer net is made of durable plastic and features a net that will pick up anything you’re fishing for. It attaches to all standard swimming pool poles, so you can extend your reach for those hard-to-get items. Best of all, this net has a built-in magnet, ideal for picking up jewelry and other metal items on your pool floor. You can retrieve lost items easily!

Lowest Delivered Prices, Guaranteed

At MKM Pool Spa, our swimming pool leaf skimmer nets come to you with a wealth of knowledge from our experienced team. If you have questions about our products - or just about pool and spa care - give us a call! You can reach our office at 980-328-3043, or by emailing with general questions or for tech support. We’ll answer all your questions!

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product was ripped when delivered
Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2015

i called but received no reply will try again to have the item replaced MKM note: replacement net was shipped within 48 hours of notification. We apologize for damaged unit received.

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