Swim Best Maintenance Algaecide 50 - 1 qt

Swim Best Maintenance Algaecide 50 - 1 qt

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Product Description

MAINTENANCE ALGAECIDE Continuous Algae Control

Controls Algae and Algae Slime Growth in Pools

Algae, while not harmful to bathers, does not belong in a properly operated swimming pool. If allowed to grow freely, the pool quickly becomes unusable. Algae can make your pool water cloudy, clog filters, create objectionable odors, increase chlorine demand and reduce effectiveness of other pool chemicals. Using a good algaecide as part of regular pool maintenance program is the best way to control these microscopic plants. Maintenance Algaecide is a highly concentrated algaecide consisting of a special blend of quaternary ammonium compounds that effectively control algae and algal slime growth in pools.


  • Broad range – Effective on a wide variety of algae and algae slime.
  • Non-metallic – Will not stain pool surfaces or discolor swimmers’ hair.
  • Efficient – Fast acting surfactant penetrates and kills algae.
  • Summer boost – Performance actually increases as water temperature rises in the warmer summer months, when algae is most likely to bloom.
  • Complements most sanitizers – Formulated to be compatible with most chemicals commonly used to treat pools.
  • Versatile performance – Prevents algae growth and fights existing algae in pools.


NOTE: For maximum effectiveness, Maintenance Algaecide should be applied in the morning with the system operating. Additionally, pool walls and bottom should be brushed regularly to help prevent future growth.


Backwash filter first. Then to a clean pool, add 26 fluid ounces of this product per 50,000 gallons of water or ratio thereof. Vacuum pool after 24 hours to remove dead algae. If algae is still visible, repeat initial dose as necessary until pool is free of visible algae. Once algae are under control, clean filter and return to normal operation.


Add 6.5 fluid ounces of this product per 50,000 gallons of water every 3-5 days or as needed. When using Quaternary Test Kits, add this dosage as needed to maintain a 2 ppm active.


Add 6.5 fluid ounces of this product per 50,000 gallons of water after heavy or prolonged rainfall or when there is a heavy bathing load. The above directions should be followed even when the pool is not in use.


When you are going to be away for one week or more, add 4.8 ounces of this product per 10,000 gallons of water for every week unattended. Pour product around the edges of the shallow end if shock is also being applied in deep end of the pool.


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