Swim Best Defoamer - 1 qt

Swim Best Defoamer - 1 qt

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Brand: Swim Best
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Product Description

DEFOAMER Emulsion Antifoam for Pools and Spas

Eliminates and prevents foam formation

Defoamer has been formulated specifically for eliminating foaming in pool and spa water without altering the water chemistry or imposing any adverse effects upon the water or swimmers. The unique formulation of this antifoam is designed to rapidly disperse throughout the body of water treated, to promptly eliminate existing foam and remain as a residual in the pool or spa to help prevent subsequent foam formation for an extended period of time. It acts both as a defoamer and antifoam.


  • Long lasting - Excellent stability in pool and spas.
  • Fast acting - Quickly eliminates foam in pools & spas.
  • No need to alter pool chemistry -Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Easily dispersed when added to a body of water.
  • Excellent stability at spa water temperatures.
  • Provides excellent foam knock-down and suppression -The emulsion creates a weakness in the wall of the foam bubble, causing it to collapse, thereby eliminating foam and preventing further foam formation.
  • Remains homogenous without separation during shelf life.
  • Protected from bacterial growth in the product.



With the spa in operation, add one capful (approximately 1 oz.) of Defoamer per 500 gallons of water to prevent or eliminate foam build-up. Do not overdose. If foam has not subsided after ten minutes, repeat treatment.


With the pool system operating, add 8 oz. of Defoamer per 10,000 gallons of water to eliminate standing foam. If the foam has not subsided within an hour, retreat with the same dosage. Depending on the source of the foam, it may take up to four treatments to eliminate a serious, standing foam.


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