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Swim Best Stabilized Chlorine Tablets and More

Chlorine is a highly essential chemical that provides crystal clear water and the sanitation of any pool or spa. As most pool owners know, chlorine’s main job is to fight against waterborne bacteria, viruses and other contaminants for cleaner, healthier pools and spas. It also helps to control unwanted algae growth and prevent water from becoming murky.

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

When it comes to chlorine products for healthy swimming pools and spas, Swim Best is the ultimate expert.That’s why we carry a huge selection of Swim Best chlorine products, such as stabilized chlorine tablets. Very popular among pool and spa owners, stabilized chlorine tablets are comprised of two different chemicals that react when added to pool water. The first one attacks and kills existing bacteria, while the second stays in the water to prevent new contaminants from entering the water over time. These chlorine tablets can also be used for “superchlorination” or “shock treatment”, an effective cleansing method that kills stubborn contaminants and clears murkiness in water that has serious existing contamination.

Chlorine and More

While chlorine products are their main focus, Swim Best offers a large variety of other products that focus on the chemical balance and health of your pool or spa. MKM Pool Spa offers several products that help to balance your pool’s pH levels, such as the Swim Best Alkalinity Increaser.

This product stabilizes the delicate pH balance of pool water, which prevents corrosion of your pool walls. Swim Best® also has products that control water hardness like the Swim Best Calcium Increaser, which raises the hardness level of pool water in order to prevent corrosion of equipment and annoying foam on the water’s surface.

Swim Best® algaecide products, which come in many different sizes and potency levels, are also incredibly popular. Algaecides are chemical cocktails used specifically for the purpose of killing and preventing the growth of algae. Swim Best Algaecide 30 is a great all-around algaecide option for killing all types of algae.

There are several options to choose from when deciding the best way to chlorinate a home pool or spa. One simple and popular method is with stabilized chlorine tablets. Swim Best Cal-Shock granules are easy to use, fast-dissolving, and economical.

Quality and Value Guaranteed

Swim Best 3" Chlorinating Tablets are strong, effective disinfectants. They kill harmful bacteria, aid in algae control and help keep the pool clean and clear. Swim Best 3" Chlorinating Tablets also leave beneficial chlorine residual in the water that continually destroys new bacteria entering the pool, protecting swimmers from potentially harmful contaminants and therefore should be a critical part of any pool care program. Using Swim Best 3" Tablets allows bathers to enjoy the benefits of a healthy pool and spa environment.

Owning a pool and spa is luxurious, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be expensive. At MKM Pool and Spa, we’re proud to be the leader in both quality and affordability. To maintain a beautiful and healthy pool and spa the easy and economical way, browse our line-up of effective and affordable products for pools and spas today!