Frog Bam 90-day algae preventative - 24 oz  -  01-10-5060

Frog Bam 90-day algae preventative - 24 oz

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Brand: FROG
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Product Description

FROG BAM - Algae Protection all Summer Long

Imagine a single dose of algae protection guaranteed for a full 90 days. Well this is it – FROG BAM! One dose and you’re covered from Memorial Day to Labor Day. No daily or weekly dosing. Just a complete, written guarantee that says your pool will be algae free. The FROG BAM 90-day Algae Protection provides pool owners with an effective algae killer that is designed to work with any FROG Fresh Mineral Water system. Not only does, FROG BAM protect your pool from algae but it does it for a full 90 days. We’re so confident you’ll love this product, we’re offering a 90 day Algae Protection Guarantee. Talk about worry free pool care!


  • The algae preventative that keeps working for a full 90 days
  • Uniquely dispenses through all of the POOL FROG Systems
  • Can also be used with INSTANT FROG or Flippin’ FROG
  • When using FROG BAM with FROG minerals and a low chlorine level Frog offers an Algae Protection Guarantee!

A Clean Pool That Costs Less

Keeping your pool clean is an essential part of pool ownership - but that doesn’t mean it should be expensive. MKM Pool Spa strives to offer our customers the lowest delivered prices on cleaners like the Frog Bam algaecide and much more. Do you have any questions? Just give us a call! You can reach our office at 980-328-3043, or online at or We’re here to help!


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