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Frog Bam 90-day algae preventative - 24 oz

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Product Description

Frog Bam 90-Day Algaecide - 24 Oz

Any expert can tell you: if you have a pool, you’re bound to encounter algae. When you’re faced with algae - the green, yellow, or black kind - make sure you use Frog Bam preventative algaecide. This unique solution works with your Pool Frog mineral system for an algae-free pool for up to 90 days! And when you buy from MKM Pool Spa, you’ll get a clean pool and a full wallet.

Algae-Free For 90 Days

Frog Bam algaecide has an effective formula that, when used with your Pool Frog system, and releases algae-preventative chemicals into your pool water quickly, within 90 minutes and stays effective for up to 90 days. The formula also has a low copper complex (one of the lowest in any algaecide on the market), so it will not stain your pool’s walls or floor. All it will leave behind is crystal clear water that your friends and family can enjoy!

A Clean Pool That Costs Less

Keeping your pool clean is an essential part of pool ownership - but that doesn’t mean it should be expensive. MKM Pool Spa strives to offer our customers the lowest delivered prices on cleaners like the Frog Bam algaecide and much more. Do you have any questions? Just give us a call! You can reach our office at 980-328-3043, or online at or We’re here to help!

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