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GLB has been leading the way for water treatment chemicals since 1956. As the first in the industry to develop a non-chlorine shock cleaners and utilize enzyme cleaning products, GLB specializes in products that have been on the cutting edge of modern pool care. Shop with MKM Pool Spa for the most complete lineup of pool chemicals, algaecide, shock cleaners, pH stabilizers, chlorine, and more.

Balance Your Pool’s Chemicals

Our inventory of GLB pool chemicals is stocked to provide you a one-stop-shop for all of your complete pool-cleaning needs. Whether you’re tackling low-alkaline water, imbalanced pH levels, or simply looking for the best chlorine treatments, GLB will be your go-to for affordable and effective solutions.

Some of the most vital, yet under-considered pool maintenance tasks relate to your water’s delicate pH balance. Pool owners know too well the challenges of keeping water balanced. With acidic rainwater, minerals from dirt and debris, combined with buildups of oil and other elements, pool water can become unbalanced relatively easily. With GLB’s pool chemicals, algaecides, and other pH balancers, keeping your water in-check has never been easier.

To get started, pool owners should invest in GLB® Alkalinity Up. Increasing your water’s alkaline properties actually makes it easier to balance overall acidity and pH levels, so if you observe your pool water measuring below 75 ppm, simply apply by pouring Alkalinity Up directly into your pool water and within 8 hours, your water should increase by 10 ppm for every 10,000 gallons.


Among cleaning products and pool chemicals, algaecide is your first line of defense against microbial growth that’s too small to be cleaned with the use of filters and other solutions. With GLB Algae-X and Algimycin® products, you can destroy algae, stop and prevent growth, and improve your water’s clarity with easy-to-use applications.

To combat a variety of algae that can build up in your pool, we stock Algimycin® 600, 1000, 2000, and 3000 series products. Algimycin® 600 is a is a non-foaming, triple-action 60% polymer algaecide and helps fight green algae and clears water with a filter aid to remove dead and living algae quickly. For aggressive black algae, Algimycin® 1000 utilizes a concentrated, copper/quat formula that penetrates this algae’s waxy outer layer that other algaecides and chlorine treatments can’t fight. Additionally, for comprehensive treatment against green, black, and yellow algae, choose from either Algimycin® 2000 or 3000 pool chemicals and algaecides.

While GLB pool chemicals can greatly reduce algae’s impact on your pool’s health, it’s always advisable to manually clean any affected areas with scrubbing and vacuuming before applying GLB algaecides.

Shock and Chlorine

At the heart of pool sanitation is an efficient, effective chlorine treatment with easy application. Trust GLB® Granular Dichlor, with 56% available chlorine that’s ideal for daily chlorination and doesn’t contain calcium. Granular Dichlor is also fast-dissolving, minimizing the amount of time before you can enjoy a clean, clear pool.

During sunny days, solar exposure can leave pools vulnerable to chlorine loss. To combat this, simply use GLB® Chlorine Stabilizer, which ranks well among GLB’S pool chemicals and more to fight chlorine loss, keeping your pool clean and clear for long periods with consistent use.

Trust GLB

The “Great Life Begins” with GLB® pool products. Since the 1950’s, the company’s innovative pool cleaning products have changed the way that pool owners keep their waters clean with minimal effort and maximum value.

If you have any questions about any of our pool chemicals, algaecides, pH balancers, or chlorine products by GLB, feel free to call us at 980-328-3043. Or, reach us by email at customerservice@mkmpoolspa.com. At MKM Pool Spa, we make pool and spa maintenance easy and affordable.