Applied Biochemists Gold-N-Clear clarifier - 1 qt  407803A

Applied Biochemists Gold-N-Clear clarifier - 1 qt

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Product Description

Appied Biochemists Gold-N-Clear clarifier

Gold-N-Clear is a revolutionary water treatment formulation that turns pool water from cloudy to clear. Gold-N-Clear clarifier uses color-changing technology to show that it is working!

Watch the product change from gold to blue as it removes micro-particles, leaving your swimming pool water sparkling clear. Regular use of Gold-N-Clear will help your filter do its job more efficiently.


  • Clears cloudy water fast
  • Unique color changing action indicates it is working
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Use with all sanitizers

Instructions for Use:

Gold-N-Clear is highly concentrated and should be diluted before adding to the pool.

Initial Treatment:

1oz per 6,000 gallons. For very cloudy water use 1oz per 3,000 gallons

Maintenance Treatment:

  • 1oz per 6,000 gallons weekly for heavy swimmer load
  • 1oz per 6,000 gallons every other week for light swimmer load


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