Swim Best Super Metal Out - 1 qt
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Swim Best Super Metal Out - 1 qt

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Product Description

SUPER METAL OUT Prevents & Controls staining and scale formation

Dissolved metals and minerals (such as iron, copper, calcium, manganese and magnesium) in pool water and the corrosion of metal pool fittings will often cause staining and/or scaling. This specially formulated chelating and sequestration product does not contain any phosphate based compounds. It is particularly effective for overall water treatment when used in conjunction with Swim Best Phosphate Remover. Super Metal Out is compatible with all sanitizing systems including biguanide and salt systems.

Super Metal Out is a proprietary formulation that is best used for prevention of metallic staining, treating colored water due to metals, and for hard water scaling. Soluble metals and minerals can be inhibited from precipitation by sequestering/chelating agents that bind with the ion to keep it in solution. Super Metal Out sequesters the materials causing stains and scale and holds them in solution. Regular use of this product helps keep pool water clear, the pool walls free of stains, and prevent corrosion of metal pool fittings. It will also reduce scale formation in the pool and pool equipment as well as eliminate plugging of filters. Use of Super Metal Out as part of the pool maintenance program will result not only in the control of scale, but also in the removal of existing deposits.

Note: This product is effective in the stain removal process when used in conjunction with Swim Best EZ Stain Away.


  • Maintain pool water in the pH range of 7.2 to 7.6, total alkalinity at 100 to 150 ppm and calcium hardness at 100 to 275 ppm. If pH falls below 7.0, serious corrosion problems may result.
  • For best results, use Super Metal Out in the evening with the pool pump and filter operating overnight.
  • Add 16 ounces (1/2 bottle) per 10,000 gallons directly to the pool or by premixing into plastic pail of water first. Dispense solution evenly around the pool with the system running. DO NOT pour into skimmer. Continue to run pump for at least 24 hours.


  • After INITIAL USE, repeat application at the rate of 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons every two weeks.
  • In pools with a known metals or mineral issue, dose at the same level of 4 oz. per 10,000 gallons but on a weekly schedule.


  • Apply at the rate of approximately 10 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water by evenly dispensing as described above.
  • Allow pool to operate for a minimum of one hour to thoroughly mix the product into the water prior to closing.

Note: In hard water areas where calcium hardness exceeds 400 ppm, it is advisable to double the dosages listed above. However, DO NOT increase the dosages more than double for one application.


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