Swim Best Super Floc-Out - 1 qt

Swim Best Super Floc-Out - 1 qt

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Product Description

SUPER FLOC-OUT For Swimming Pools

Settles Debris to Pool Bottom - FAST

Super Floc-Out is composed of a high cationic coagulant solution exhibiting a high flocculating ability in clearing up debris in pools and spas. It is specially formulated to help settle unfilterable suspended debris like carbonates, silica, dead algae or spores to the pool bottom, so they can be easily vacuumed to waste. Super Floc-Out helps restore the sparkle to dull looking water.


  • Produces sparkling, clear water – Due to its excellent flocculating ability, it clears up turbid water by settling a wide range of unfilterable impurities suspended in pool water, thereby restoring the sparkle to your pool water.
  • Begins working immediately – The greater the debris in the water, the faster this product works.
  • Contains no corrosive alum or chloramine forming ammonia
  • Economical – One bottle treats up to 40,000 gallons of water.
  • Eliminates need to add other balancing chemicals – Does not change pH of water, thereby eliminating the need for balance chemicals to alter pool chemistry.
  • Aids filter performance – Increases filter efficiency by causing unfilterable particles to settle at the bottom for easy vacuuming.
  • Safe - The product is safe for all pool types and filters which have vacuum to waste capability.


  • Using a good test kit, adjust your pool water to a pH of 7.5 - 8.0.
  • With pump on and filter valve in Recirculate position, add Super Floc-Out slowly into skimmer
  • Dose at a rate of 8 oz. per 10,000 gallons.
  • Allow pump to circulate for 2 hours for even distribution throughout the pool.
  • Shut off pump. Let Super Floc-Out settle debris to bottom; leave the pool undisturbed for 12-48 hours.
  • Double the dosage to speed settling time, if needed.
  • Vacuum to waste all settled debris with filter in Waste or Drain mode.
  • Note: Settling may continue for several days if new debris is introduced. If so, vacuum to waste again.
  • Backwash and clean filter. Check pH and re-adjust if needed to 7.2 – 7.6.


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