Pool Frog Chlorine Pac 540C - 3 per case  -  01-03-5613
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Pool Frog Chlorine Pac 540C - 3 per case

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Product Description

Pool Frog Chlorine Pac 540C


  • Pre-filled Pool Frog Chlorine Pac 540C means you no longer have to smell or touch chlorine.
  • Our control dial precisely meters out just the right amount of sanitation for each pool volume.
  • The system works 24/7, so you will always have a uniform amount of chlorination.

The Pool Frog Chlorine Pac 540C is just what you need to chlorinate your pool without worrying about the daily measuring of chlorine. It is a chlorine-based system for taking care of your pool. This product uses pre-filled, lightweight chlorine packs to remove bacteria from your backyard pool safely and with its erosion technology, the Pool Frog Chlorine Pac limits the chlorine’s exposure to the water, allowing a longer-lasting, uniform output, eliminating the need to touch or smell chlorine.

Convenience and Precision

With the Pool Frog’s 6.16 lb. pre-filled chlorine pack and its adjoining mineral system that reduces chlorine output by 50%, the Pool Frog is constantly monitoring your pool and dispensing the appropriate amount of chlorine to get the job done – controlling bacteria growth and sanitizing your pool at all hours. Just set the Frog with the pool’s best setting, and forget it until it needs a new refill!

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