Orenda CE Spa-Clarifier - Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme - 1qt  50147

Orenda CE Spa-Clarifier - Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme - 1qt

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Product Description

CE-SPA Spa Clarifier + Enzyme

CE-SPA is a chitosan-based clarifier blended with CV-600 enzymes, specifically formulated for hot tubs and spas. The enzymes remove non-living organic waste and oils; the chitosan attracts particles to be filtered out. Removing organic waste is our Second Pillar of Proactive Pool Care.
CE-SPA Clarifier, like all Orenda Products, is all-natural: no synthetic polymers or dyes.
Hot tubs and spas have warm, agitated water. Normally those conditions cause excess bubbling and sometimes foaming with Orenda enzymes like CV-600 or even CE-Clarifier. CE-SPA was formulated specifically for these conditions to minimize the foaming and still deliver the results needed for clean water.

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Natural Chitosan clarifier
  • Added enzyme for increased performance
  • Increase water clarity
  • No synthetic polymers or dyes
  • Remove oils & non-living organics
  • Clear up cloudy spas


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