Clor Mor Spa Natural Clarifier - 1pt

Clor Mor Spa Natural Clarifier - 1pt

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Product Description

Clor Mor Spa Natural Clarifier For Spas & Hot Tubs - 1 pt


Natural Clarifier is recommended for clarifying water in spas, water features and ponds.


  • Clarifies Pool and Spa Water: NATURAL CLARIFIER agglomerates very small particulate matter and oily residue from body oils and other sources and removes them through the filter system and ultimately backwashed or cleaned from the filter media. This product promotes better filtration without restricting water flow. The result is sparkling clear water and longer filter runs between cleanings.
  • Prevents Oil & Scum Lines: NATURAL CLARIFIER captures oily residues and soaps in the water and removes them through filtration. This helps prevent deposition of these substances at the water line and also assists in preventing them from clogging the filter. The result is no messy oil and scum lines to be cleaned.
  • Helps Control Trace Metals: Trace amounts of iron, copper and other metals in pool water can lead to staining. This product collects these trace metals so they can be trapped in the filter and ultimately removed from the system. The result is less chance of unsightly staining and the cost associated with removing those stains.
  • Preferred Product for Ozone Systems: Unlike synthetic clarifiers, NATURAL CLARIFIER is effective in spa systems utilizing ozone as a part of their sanitizing process.


Ensure all spa and hot tub equipment is working properly. Backwash and/or clean the filter system following manufacturer's directions. Adjust the pH to 7.2 to 7.6. Water should be balanced and the chlorine or bromine level should be 0.5 to 3.0 ppm. When using other products as outlined in the directions for this product, always follow directions on those products.

For Spas and other Filtered Systems, simply pour the correct dosage over the surface of the water to be treated with the filter system running.


Regular dosage is one (1) ounce per 500 gallons of water to be treated. This dosage may be increased to two or three ounces per 500 gallons if the water is particularly dirty. Allow system to filter for 6 – 8 continuous hours. Backwash or clean the filter only if back pressure increase reaches level that filter manufacturer directions specify. Treat with regular dosage once every week to maintain exceptionally clear water. Test for proper levels of sanitizer and pH daily.

The entire volume of water should be replaced with fresh water every 60 days depending on the amount of use.


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