Lo-Chlor Salt Master All-in-one treatment -1lb

Lo-Chlor Salt Master All-in-one treatment - 1lb

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Product Description

Lo-Chlor Salt Master All-in-one pool water treatment for salt pools

Salt Master is the ideal blend of pool water enhancing agents made specifically for salt pools. Just one weekly dose reduces the need for acid, boosts performance and decreases the frequency of necessary balance adjustments and cleanings.


  • Boosts water quality & clarity
  • Reduces the need for acid
  • Prevents scale buildup on salt plates
  • Extends life of salt chlorine generator
  • Keeps phosphate levels low
  • A single weekly dose
  • Safely swim right away
  • 4 oz treats 15,000 gallons pool water

Salt pool maintenance is easier, more convenient and less time consuming than for traditional chlorine pools. With a salt chlorine generator, pool water is velvety smooth and there’s no need to carry heavy jugs or pails to repeatedly add chlorine. Salt pools, however, do need salt-specific additives to run optimally and efficiently.



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