Floating Chillin' Charlie Chlorinator  -  CL380
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Floating Chillin' Charlie Chlorinator

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Product Description

Floating Chillin' Charlie Chlorinator For Pools

If you want clean, sanitary pool water, it’s important to treat it with chlorine. But working with chlorine can be such a hassle - handling chemicals around the family, all that measuring and pouring, and dealing with that potent smell!

Why not care for your pool the easy way with a floating chlorinator for the pool? It does the work for you, so you can get back to swimming and relaxing.

A Floating Chlorinator for Your Pool

At MKM Pool Spa, we want our customers to enjoy their time at the pool. That means their water should be clean, clear, and easy to care for. And with this floating chlorinator, they’ll have it all; this cute floater holds 3” chlorine tablets that slowly dissolve in the water.

As your little penguin friend bobs along, he eliminates germs in your pool water, ensuring that it is safe for you and your family. Once a tablet is dissolved completely, simply replace it with a new one! Just like that, your chlorine levels can be maintained with the help of Chillin’ Charlie!


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Chillin penguin
Written by Angela Z on 25th Mar 2024

Absolutely adorable floating around the pool. Arrived quickly no negative issues.

Floating Chillin' Charlie Chlorinator For Pools
Written by Pioooo on 23rd Aug 2023

Really love the little charlie i highly recommend it and works perfect one of the best purchase i ever had

Great looking, Iceberg leaks
Written by Philip Savoie on 1st Mar 2021

This thing looks good, but when I was adding tabs, I noticed air bubbles coming from the seam at the top of the iceberg. I know I will have to drain it and seal the seam. Shouldn't have to do that to a new item, but oh well.

Pool Chlorinator
Written by Tim on 29th Jan 2021

The is working great and looks much better than the plain one I had. I also paired it with the terminator, which they look awesome floating around together.

Solved Problem
Written by undefined on 4th Aug 2016

Figured out why it wasn't floating properly. No holes in bottom part, had to poke them with a screw driver!!!! Now that it has holes it works great . Weird how I had to poke my on holes though.

Don't Buy
Written by undefined on 31st Jul 2016

Doesn't evenly float in the pool. Always leans to the side!!!! Not worth it!!!

Cute but quality could be better
Written by Maxine on 8th Sep 2015

Got my penquin in a short time, it's really cute but was disappointed with the "ice block" portion of the product. The penquin is made from really thicker rubber/plastic, but the bottom part seems really cheap plastic. Out here in the desert sun, I'm guessing it will maybe last 6 months before it cracks :(

Just love Chillin' Charlie
Written by Chris on 13th Apr 2015

I like to have fun chlorinators in my pool but this is one of the cutest ones that I have bought so far! I read some reviews that stated that it would not stay upright but that does not seem to be a problem unless I let it get completely empty! It is just great!

chilling charli
Written by undefined on 16th May 2014

It arrived in a short period of time and is easy to open

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