Clor Mor® MultiFunction Chlorinator  -  2 lb

Clor Mor MultiFunction Chlorinator - 2 lb

SKU: CLM350020
Brand: Swim Best

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Product Description

Clor Mor MultiFunction Chlorinator is a strong, chlorine based sanitizer, and effective disinfectant. Clor Mor® MultiFunction Chlorinator kills harmful bacteria, aids in algae control and helps keep the pool clean and clear. Clor Mor® MultiFunction Chlorinator also leaves beneficial chlorine residual in the water that continually destroys new bacteria entering the pool.environment.


  • Self stabilized – Clor Mor® MultiFunction Chlorinator has a built in stabilizer containing cyanuric acid, which helps prevent sunlight from degrading the chlorine.
  • Works continually to kill bacteria – The available chlorine (56%) is released when the product is dissolved in water and works continually to kill bacteria, control algae and destroy the organic contaminants in water.
  • Gentle on pool equipment and surfaces.
  • Ideal for all pool surfaces.
  • Fast dissolving - Since the product is fast dissolving, it is suitable for slug dosing. Fast dissolution also minimizes the possibility of any undissolved product coming into contact with bleachable pool surfaces.
  • Clears up hazy water and helps prevent future algae growth.

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Written by richard vetrano on 11th Aug 2015

I had black algea this year for the first time. After trying several products to get rid of it, nothing worked. This product cleared it up within 2 days.

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