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When it comes to pool treatment, chlorine was once the king. However, over the years, more and more people have found ways to sanitize their pools without chlorine and that chemical smell that came with it!

These days, many pools actually use mineral treatments. With these systems, pool filters release natural minerals like silver or copper into the water, which works with a much smaller amount of chlorine to sanitize the pool or spa water. Because of systems like this, people have been able to cut their pool’s chlorine levels in half! Now, thanks to innovative new systems like the New Water 407c Chlorine Cycler Pac, pool owners don’t even have to get their hands dirty to work with this notorious cleaner.

Set it and Forget it - The New Water 407c Chlorine Cycler Pac

The New Water 407c Chlorine Cycler Pac is a small packet filled with just over six pounds of chlorine. Attach this to your current mineral system, and all the old-fashioned water treatment work will be a thing of the past. No more measuring out chlorine. No more pouring it into the pool! The 407c Chlorine Cycler Pac slowly distributes a low dose of chlorine into your spa or pool, which works with your mineral system to keep your water in pristine condition. Simply determine the distribution level, then forget about the cycler pac until it’s time to change it.

MKM Pool Spa offers the New Water Chlorine Cycler Pac in two sizes: 407c and 105c. The size you will need is dependent on your type of pool; the 105c is intended for above ground pools, while the 407c works for both above and in-ground pools alike.


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