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Culator Metal Remover and More

Stubborn stains and scales can be annoying and difficult to get rid of. Pool stains typically occur from metals accidentally becoming introduced into pools from well water or corrosion from copper pipes or calcium build-up on the walls of your swimming pool. Stains can also be caused by leaves, fruit from trees, and other organic debris that has been left to settle on pool surfaces for too long.

The best way to differentiate these stains is by color. Pool stains that look reddish-brown, are very dark in color or have a rust-like appearance to them are likely caused by metals. Copper stains in a pool will normally form blue, green, or black stains, while iron may cause rusty, brown, or green-brown splotches, and manganese will cause brownish-black or purple stains. Using a Culator metal eliminator and stain preventer is one of the most effective ways of treating metal stains in a swimming pool. Stains caused by organic matter, such as plants or algae tend to be greenish-brown, and should be treated differently.

Stain-Free Pools and Spas

Culator metal eliminator and stain preventer gets rid of deep, ugly stains that mar the beauty of an otherwise well-maintained pool. We carry a large variety of Culator products, including metal stain eliminators, winter closers, spring openers, brown water elimination kit, green water elimination kit and other Culator metal removers.

Culator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer is an advanced chemical formula designed to rapidly eliminate metals and stains from spa and pool water, fresh and salt waters alike. Culator metal removers take conventional chelating or sequestering agent groups and binds them to a unique, insoluble and non-toxic polymer backbone.

This allows metals to be physically removed and eliminated from pool, spa or fountain water, rather than temporarily sequestering metals in the water. The chemistry to produce these polymers was developed over 25 years of scientific research. Culator grabs metals out of water to sequesters off agents and keeps them inside the bag so that you can eliminate metals and unsightly stains in your pool and spa.

Easy and Affordable

At MKM Pool Spa, we offer a large variety of metal and stain remover options. With over 50 years of customer service experience in the pool and spa industry, we’re confident that we can help you choose the very best stain removing products. as well as any other pool and spa products.

There is no reason to pay more since we always offer the lowest prices, guaranteed. If you happen to find a lower price anywhere else, we will match it. Whether you’re looking for the right Culator metal remover or any one of our excellent pool and spa products, browse our selection online today!