United Chemical No Mor Problems - 1 gal  -  NMP-4GAL
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United Chemical No Mor Problems - 1 gal

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Product Description

While chlorine can be used to keep algae growth at bay in a home pool or spa, sometimes you need a little extra. As one of most popular algaecides, United Chemical No Mor Problems helps prevent any algae growth when used regularly. This chlorine enhancer delivers spectacular water clarity and sparkle, while eliminating the need to shock your pool.

No More Algae Problems

No Mor Problems Algaecide minimizes your need for shocking. With a patented formula engineered to prevent algae, No More Problems also acts as a clarifying agent.

This means that No Mor Problems has dual-action power to not only prevent new algae growth, but it inhibits current algae from worsening and actually clears your pool of algae for clearer, cleaner water. Reducing your use of powdered shock products can help prevent tile and metal erosion in your pool and filters as well as preventing skin irritation and discomfort when you use your pool.

With a patented, EPA-registered formula, United Chemical No More Problems is designed to have no impact on your pool water’s balance.

For best results, please follow these dosage instructions:

  • 3 ounces per 5,000 gallons.
  • Maintenance dosage is recommended at 5-6 ounces per 2 tabs/gallon/pound of chlorine.
  • Treatment for salt water pools is recommended at 5-6 ounces per 20,000 gallons on a weekly basis.

The Best Value, Guaranteed

For pools with extreme algae growth, United Chemical No Mor Problems is the most cost-effective algicide available. Owning a pool and spa is luxurious, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be expensive. MKM Pool Spa is the leader in both quality and affordability in all pool and spa needs. There is no reason to pay more; MKM Pool Spa offers the lowest prices guaranteed. If you can find a lower price anywhere else, MKM Pool Spa will match it.

To maintain a beautiful and healthy pool and spa the easy and economical way, check out MKM Pool Spa for hundreds of excellent pool and spa products.


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No Mor Problems
Written by Jerry Rubin on 22nd Mar 2019

Great company to deal with, fast shipping and very accommodating. No Mor Problems has eliminated any problems with our pool. Always sparkling clear water!

Amazing Product
Written by Jerry Rubin on 16th Jun 2018

I have used this product from day one! I never had a pool before and was concerned about upkeep. Using this product, the water has remained crystal clear and the pool always looks amazing

Water Sparkles
Written by Jerry Rubin on 9th Mar 2017

Best Product, while our neighbors complain about algae, we have NEVER had a problem. Everyone should use this product

Written by BILL on 17th Oct 2016

Best of its kind.

the best
Written by undefined on 27th Sep 2016

I now use this along with chlorine tabs. I use no phosphate eliminator and rarely shock. These are the directions from the producer. I have now gone 2 summers with no Alge and have the simplest maintenance program you could get. This is great stuff! I use it once a week.

No more problems
Written by Hervy H Hiner Jr on 7th Sep 2016

Works great. No algae if used weekly and other parameters are in acceptable range

For A Sparkling Pool
Written by undefined on 30th Aug 2016

Add this to your weekly pool maintenance if you'd like to have a crystal clear, sparkling pool. Buying it by the gallon from MKM gets you the best value.

Amazing product
Written by Jerry Rubin on 29th May 2016

We have had our pool for 3 years, we have used this product from the very beginning and our water is sparklingly clear, we have never had a problem. We shall continue using No Mor Problem, why mess with a good thing!

No Mor Problems - great product
Written by undefined on 18th Aug 2015

An excellent product. Keeps out the alqae and the pool water sparkles.

Guaranteed sparkling water
Written by Jerry Rubin on 8th Jul 2015

We use this product throughout the year, one gallon lasts the whole year, keeps the water sparkling clear.

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