Pleatco PWASH-POOL - Filter Wash - Pool Cartridge Cleaning Tablets

Pleatco PWASH-POOL - Filter Wash - Pool Cartridge Cleaning Tablets

Brand: Pleatco
UPC: 090164001685

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Product Description

Pleatco FilterWash

Top Features:

  • No measuring
  • No messy chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for the filtration fabric
  • Fast acting fizz tablet
  • Loosens up body oils, suntan lotion, and dirt with ease
  • Loosens debris from the fabric surface

Formulated to deeply clean any reusable filter cartridge, the Pleatco FilterWash cleaning tablet is simple to use and capable of removing accumulated materials of all types. Suntan lotion, body oil, grease, dirt, soap scum and other organics don’t stand a chance against the powerful Pleatco FilterWash. It provides a thorough cleaning, restoring cartridges to optimal performance, without harming the filter.

Pleatco FilterWash comes in two forms - one for pools and one for spas, each being scientifically engineered for its specific environment.

Pleatco FilterWash Tablets for pool cartridge cleaning can handle any size pool cartridge. In addition to routine cleaning, they are perfect for tackling pesky algae or cloudy water. Just remove your cartridge, hose it off, and then place it in a bucket of water. Drop the tab in and let it sit for 25 minutes. Then, rinse your cartridge off, and voila! Your pool cartridge is back in business.

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