Pleatco PBF40 - Replacement Cartridge - Bullfrog Spas - 30 sq ft, coreless

Pleatco PBF40 - Replacement Cartridge - Bullfrog Spas - 30 sq ft, coreless

Brand: Pleatco
UPC: 090164002408
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Product Description

Pleatco Filter Replacement for Bullfrog Spas, 30 square foot cartridge.


BULLFROG SPAS                 


Bullfrog Spas 30 coreless, 2017-current

Measurements                         Replaces    

Outer Diameter    8"                Unicel         

Length                  6 1/4"          Filbur        

Top Hole                           

Bottom Hole         

Anatomy of a Pleatco Filter Cartridge for Bullfrog Spas

Filter Cartridges are a system. This system includes CORES, MEDIA (Filtration Fabric), BANDS, and END CAPS. Pleatco does research and works with the best companies in the world to design the strongest and most efficient filters. A properly designed core MAXIMIZES the filtration area, increases flow, and creates uniform flow distribution through the entire cartridge increasing its life and the cleanliness of your water.


Pleatco FREE FLOW CORES are superior as they are designed to significantly enhance the filtration process over any other competitive product. Pleatco’s cores are ‘engineered’ as opposed to all other cartridge manufacturers who simply use PVC pipe with holes drilled in them. Pleatco FREE FLOW CORES deliver better water flow rates, giving enhanced filtration and reducing wear and tear on the pump and therefore, also uses less energy.


The MEDIA serves as the filtration surface. Pleatco only uses the highest quality spun bonded polyester material for all Pleatco Filter Cartridges.


The number of PLEATS and the total amount of media used in a filter cartridge impacts the quality and performance of the filtration. The amount of media in a Pleatco Filter Cartridge meets, or in many cases, exceeds the original equipment specifications providing quality performance and extends the life of the product.


The BANDS keep the pleats separated helping water to easily flow through the filter. Pleatco’s bands are the strongest in the market and ensure that the pleats are separated even under great stress.


The END CAPS help to provide structural support and increase filter cartridge durability. Unlike any other filter cartridge manufactured for the pool & spa marketplace, Pleatco Filter Cartridges have end caps that are 100% Antimicrobial. This enables Pleatco Filter Cartridges to be more effective in prohibiting the growth of mold, and reducing mildew and odor causing bacteria.


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