Orenda PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover - 50126

Orenda PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover - qt

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Product Description

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate - qt

PR-10,000 is the strongest, most concentrated phosphate control product available in the aquatics market. It is formulated to react with orthophosphates in water, allowing for them to be removed from solution. When dosed properly, PR-10,000 removes up to 10,000 parts-per-billion phosphates, and unlike other phosphate control products in the industry, PR contains no zinc or aluminum.

Because of its concentration, a little goes a long way. A dose of PR-10,000 may be surprisingly small to you, but watch it work.

PR-10,000 is NSF/ANSI Certified standard 50

Made in the USA


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great product
Written by Gregg Komp on 7th Sep 2020

this product worked very well. my phosphate levels were in the 1700's. after using the product they dropped to 200. I will be using this regularly. I live in Arizona and with the heat, wind and storms my levels and algae have always been a problem but now I found the solution to keep my pool water clean

Best I've ever used
Written by undefined on 6th May 2017

No matter much shock or algaecide I use every spring my pool clouds up with algae to the point I can't see more than a foot deep. It always takes me 2 - 3 months and huge amounts of shock and algaecide to get it clear enough to use. This was recommended to me by a friend of mine so I decided to try it. I have about a 20,000 gallon pool. I used 6 oz. and within 3 days I could see the shallow end (3Ft.) I used another 2oz. and by the end of the 1st week I could see the deep end. (5ft.) Still a little cloudy but dramatically better. By 10 days it was crystal clear. So now on the 1st of May I have pool I can use instead of having to wait until the 1st of July.

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