Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 qt  -  SGQ Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 qt  -  SGQ
Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 qt  -  SGQ Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 qt  -  SGQ
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Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 qt

Brand: Leisure Time
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Product Description

Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 qt

Have you ever seen a spa after hosting a big party and noticed that your water wasn’t quite as clean as it could be? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone; swimmers introduce dirt and oils (from skin, makeup, or lotion) into the water.

These accidental contaminants cause scum or odors to develop in your water, but you can get rid of them with Leisure Time Enzyme. This Spa enzyme cleaner breaks down oils, leaving you with a spa that’s good as new.


  • Reduces maintenance of filter and spa surfaces
  • Removes oil, lotion, and organics from spa water line
  • Compatible with Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.

How To Use Leisure Time Enzyme

To use it, just add the cleaner to your spa (1 oz. for every 250 gallons of water). Repeat daily until the scum line and odors disappear!

You can also use Leisure Time Enzyme weekly to prevent oil buildup from occurring. Simply add the product to your water once a week. With this simple treatment, you’ll be ready to host a pool party anytime!

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Written by undefined on 30th Apr 2015

It works okay but doesn't clear up the oily residue even with fresh water. I never enter the spa knowing I have lotion or other oils on. Even with the water being only 2 weeks old, the clarifier doesn't eliminate the oil which can be seen floating on the water

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