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Leisure Time Brominating Granular - 1.75 lb

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Product Description

Leisure Time Brominating Granular - 1.75 lb

Your spa experience is safer and more enjoyable if your spa water is clean. Keeping your spa clean and sanitized is an important part of spa maintenance -- but if you ask us, it shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Leisure Time Brominating Granular, is a one-step shock treatment that uses brominating granules to reduce bacteria growth. With these brominating granules in your hot tub, every soak will be a soothing one.


  • Rapidly dissolves
  • Compatible with bromine sanitizers

Using Brominating Granules in Your Hot Tub

Leisure Time Brominating Granular is compatible with all bromine sanitizer systems. These brominating granules easily and rapidly dissolve in hot water to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in your water, leaving it clearer and cleaner.

Not only will these granules keep bacteria from thriving in your spa, it completely dissolves in water, leaving behind no foam, no film, and no cloudy water. You’ll end up with a crystal clear spa -- perfect for relaxing after a long day.

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