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Flippin' FROG mineral pool care system

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Product Description

Flippin' FROG Advantages

Here are just a few of the many advantages that the Flippin' Frog Mineral Pool Care System features:

  • Creating a "soft water" atmosphere that is safe on swimsuits, and sensitive noses and skin
  • No chlorinated smell!
  • Using minerals to reduce chlorine use up to 50%
  • Flipping over when Flippin' FROG Chlorine Cartridge needs replacing

If you want fresh and sparkling pool water that will delight your family and guests, then you need the Flippin' Frog Mineral Pool Care System. This unique product is actually a full pool care system designed especially for Intex® style pop-up pools. Utilizing a patented mineral formula from a Green Mineral Cartridge, this system also works with a Flippin' FROG Replacement Chlorine Cartridge that contains low levels of chlorine that is constantly dispensed to fight and eradicate bacteria.


While most chlorinating systems take a lot of effort, time, and need to be dealt with almost every week, the Green Mineral Cartridge lasts as long as six whole months. This is amazing considering that pool owners in most areas of the country only use their pools for a maximum of four months annually! Also, the blue Chlorine Cartridge lasts approximately three to four weeks, meaning that a typical summer only necessitates about four refills.

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