Clor Mor Spa Zyme - 1 pt  F079001018SC

Clor Mor Spa Zyme - 1 pt

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Product Description

Clor Mor Spa Zyme – 1 pt



  • pH adjusted – Maximum effectiveness of SPA ZYME is at the pH normally found in spas.
  • Improves filter efficiency – Removes organic material which acts to reduce filter efficiency.
  • Restores sparkle to the water – SPA ZYME digests the body oils and body lotions that collect in the water, eliminating the haziness and resulting in clear, sparkling water.
  • Eliminates odors – Continuous biodegradation of organic matter by the enzyme prevents odors from forming.
  • Pleasant fragrance – SPA ZYME has a unique anti-odor formulation which prevents the unpleasant odor normally associated with other enzyme products.
  • No waiting - It is safe to swim immediately after adding SPA ZYME to the water.

The goal of enzyme water treatment is to break down organic matter into their base components and eliminate the organic deposits found in spas. Body oils and cosmetics are examples of some of the organic matter that may contaminate spa water. SPA ZYME is an aqua colored, pleasingly fragrant enzyme concentrate specifically formulated to digest body oils, suntan oils and lotions found in spa water. These enzymes eliminate unsightly water-line rings and the haze in spa water caused by oils. SPA ZYME also helps eliminate odors from water contaminated with body oils by biocatalytic decomposition of the oil to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.


SPA ZYME should initially be added directly to the circulating water at the rate of 1 ounce per 500 gallons of water in the spa.

By the very nature of enzyme digestion the biochemical reaction is slow and patience is recommended by allowing the digestion of the oils to take place. It may take 1 to 3 days for there to be a noticeable change in the elimination of the oils from the water. Once a concentration of the enzyme is established and maintained in the water, there should be no accumulation of problem-causing oils in the water or at the waterline.


A maintenance dose of 1 ounce per 500 gallons of water should be added weekly. It is safe to bathe immediately after adding this product to the water.


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