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    ClearView specializes in a fast-acting, efficient lineup of leading cleaning supplies and chemicals to keep your pool and spa’s water pristine. Just as their slogan, “Clean water made simple” suggests, ClearView’s pool and spa products selection offers owners the very best in care and cleanliness.


    Chlorine is a vital component for healthy, clear, and sanitary pools. Without it, sunlight and exposure to the elements will encourage algae and other microbial growth. That’s why our ClearView pool products include the best selection of chlorine from 2 to 50-pound granular tablet quantities.

    ClearView’s trademark granular chlorine contains 99% dichlor for quick dissolving action that leaves no residue to keep filters un-clogged and operating at maximum efficiency.

    Leading Chemical Solutions

    In addition to chlorine, our ClearView pool and spa products include pH balancers, mineral magnets, Phos-Boss, Copper Strike, calcium increasers, natural enzymes, and more!

    Your pool’s chemistry requires a delicate balance in order to encourage long-term clarity and cleanliness. Balance your pool’s acidity with ClearView pH Down and pH Up, both available in several quantities from 3 to 7 pounds for your convenience. Maintaining pH balance is crucial for any routine pool maintenance. Using the pH scale to measure acidity, it’s important to ensure that your pool’s pH level stays within 7.0 and 7.6. An unbalanced pH level in your pool could prevent any algaecides and chlorine from inhibiting microbial growth.

    Aside from pH balancers, calcium boosters help increase your water’s hardness, preventing erosion to any metal ladders or filter parts that come in contact with your pool water on a daily basis. Additionally, consider investing in Biozyme, a trademark natural enzyme solution that offers professional-strength cleansing power to remove body oils, lotions, and other types of grease that build up over time.

    Cleaning Accessories

    ClearView pool and spa chemicals work in tandem with some important accessories that can keep your water free of dirt and debris. Essential for maintenance and routine cleaning, ClearView products are some of the best accessories to keep your pool clean.

    If you live in a wooded area, you should definitely invest in any of our ClearView leaf skimmers. With models featuring long sectional poles and magnetic nets, it’s easy to keep your pool free of leaves and dirt that may accumulate.

    For your convenience, we have a well-stocked selection of Aqua Flex vacuum hoses that range from 25 to 50 feet. With mobility and versatility in mind, each vacuum hose comes with a swivel cuff. Complete your vacuum setup with a trusted ClearView Triangle Brush Vacuum or a Big Gobbler Pool Vacuum, each designed to fit perfectly with Aqua Flex hoses for easy pool cleaning.

    Trust ClearView

    ClearView is a well-respected name in the pool and spa industry. With a comprehensive selection of products and offerings, our lineup of ClearView pool and spa products works effectively, with the ultimate goal of keeping your water clean and clear, with minimal maintenance required. To learn more about our ClearView products, call us at 980-328-3043 or reach us online at