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    Aquachek is a pool and spa company that specializes in making reliable, easy to use tests so that you can check the chemical balances in your pool and spa to be sure they are kept safe and clean. To help you gauge your pool’s balance accurately, we carry Aquachek pool and spa test strips that come in a variety of different packages to test for every kind of pool or spa system.

    High Quality Tests

    One type of pool and spa test strips product available is the AquaChek® Select 7-in-1 Test Kit. This comprehensive testing package has all of the essential tests you need, including AquaChek® select test strips that test for water hardness, chlorine and bromine levels, pH balance testing, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid.

    AquaChek pool and spa test strips are incredibly easy to use. Simply submerge the test strip into your pool or spa water, remove it immediately, and wait the recommended time for your results. AquaChek Select 7-in-1 Test Kit also includes a 24-page Pool and Spa Care and Treatment Guide with a test log so you can keep track of your pool’s health over time. Experts recommend testing your swimming pool and spa at each end, at least twice a week, and test your spa before each use.

    AquaChek pool and spa test strips are made for a variety of different pools. If you own a saltwater pool, you can test it with AquaChek White / Salt Test Strips. These test strips check for the amount of sodium chloride in the water, so you can be sure there is enough salt in your pool to keep algae and bacteria away. AquaChek® White Test Strips are easy to use. They measure salt levels from 400 to 7000 ppm and only take three to four minutes using a small water sample.

    Phosphate Tests and More

    Excessive phosphate levels can cause murky water and annoying algae growth in your swimming pool or spa. It is important to check your phosphate levels regularly so you can quickly fix the problem before algae begins to grow, AquaChek® One Minute Phosphate Test is an accurate and efficient way to check the phosphate levels in your swimming pool. It is one simple step and only takes one minute. It couldn’t be simpler! Experts recommend testing your phosphate levels approximately once a week.

    Affordable Maintenance For Your Pool or Spa

    Testing your pool and spa regularly is important in keeping track of your pool’s overall health and balance. AquaChek pool and spa test strips make reliable testing simple and affordable. At MKM Pool Spa, we carry a large variety of pool and spa test strips at the lowest prices possible. Shop at MKM Pool Spa’s convenient online one stop store for test strips and other pool or spa needs. You will always receive expert customer service, quality products, and free shipping for orders of $50.00 or more.