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At MKM Pool Spa, we strive to provide our customers with a wide selection of high-quality products they can use in their pools and spas. Whether you use an aboveground, belowground, chlorine or mineral pool, you can be sure that we have the essentials handy for proper pool maintenance. So what kind of store would we be if we didn’t provide Aladdin pool parts?

This brand has been producing excellent baskets, pool filters and other pool supplies for years, and we know that Aladdin is a must-have in the homes of many pool owners. Should your filter or pump run into trouble, you can guarantee that MKM Pool Spa has the Aladdin pool parts you need to get everything running smoothly again.

Skimmers and Sealant

Aladdin is well-known for their pool and spa products, such as pump and skimmer baskets, filter cartridges, pump and filter gaskets and O-rings, and vacuum accessories. In fact, many of our customers have been using Aladdin products to maintain their pools for years to great satisfaction. However, we all know that no product can last forever, and eventually most pool owners find themselves with a broken filter and a dilemma: do you fix your current product, or do you buy something brand new?

With MKM Pool Spa on your side, the answer is an easy one. We have all the Aladdin pool parts that are essential to repairing your existing filtration system. Skimmer basket full of cracks and holes? We have replacement baskets in a variety of models to suit just about any Aladdin pump. O-ring worn down, causing leaks in your filter tank? A new one can be yours today - and at a great price, too. We even carry Aladdin’s famous Magic Lube, so you can ensure that your new o-ring’s installation is watertight.  

With these Aladdin pool parts, you can easily increase the lifespan of your filter, pump, or vacuum. Also, if you’re not currently using an Aladdin system, you might still be in luck! Many skimmer baskets are versatile, so they can work with pumps and filters by Pentair, Hayward, Jacuzzi, Jandy, and other! This helps you save both money and time, so you can spend your afternoons enjoying that pool you’ve worked so hard for.

Low Prices, Great Products

Whatever your pool and spa needs are, MKM Pool Spa has the products you need ready to ship to your home. From Aladdin pool parts to chlorine shock treatments, we offer high quality, effective products at guaranteed low prices. In fact, if you find a lower price anywhere else, we’ll gladly match it!

Also, if you have questions regarding pool care, our online store, or anything else that comes to mind, feel free to drop us a line! For general questions contact us at or call 980-328-3043, and for technical assistance contact us at or call 980-328-3043. MKM Pool Spa can help you shop smarter for quality products.