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Maintaining Aboveground & Inground Pools

The decision between an above ground or in ground pool is an important choice for your property. The top considerations are typically for how you’d like to use it and the aesthetic qualities versus installation and recurring costs. However, it’s definitely worth considering the time and money you’ll spend on above ground or inground swimming pool maintenance.If you’re considering investing in either type of pool, read on for more care and maintenance tips.

Routine skimming and cleaning

Every outdoor pool requires occasional skimming and cleaning. Leaves and bugs are the most common forms of debris you’ll have to remove, but depending on the seasons and the types of nearby trees where you live, it can take a lot of care to keep the water clean. Cottonwood trees in the spring, for example, have pervasive seeds that you wouldn’t think twice about until there’s a mess of them floating in your pool.

As an inground swimming pool maintenance and care tip, remember that they’re naturally more susceptible to organic and other debris being blown in. The raised walls of above ground pools make it easier to keep out other natural contaminants as well as freshly cut grass and animals.

Balancing Pool Chemistry

Keeping pool chemistry balanced is a necessary part of pool ownership that becomes trickier with higher total volumes of water. When you’re tackling above ground swimming pool maintenance, remember that they tend to be smaller and contain less water, requiring you to purchase fewer chemicals needed to maintain proper balance proper balance for pH levels, chlorine, and other chemical content. As long as both indoor and outdoor pools are exposed to outside air, wind, and sunlight, this process will be very similar.

Pool covers

An effective way of making pools easier to manage is by covering them when not in use. This helps them to retain heat, and counteract evaporation. Additionally, sunlight can speed the breakdown of chlorine, and blocking it can starve algae of the energy it needs to grow. The drawbacks of covering come in the form of cost, appearance, and time spent integrating this as part of your inground or above ground swimming pool maintenance. However, keeping your pool covered is much easier to do with smaller pools, and aboveground pools in particular.

Filtration & Heating

Just as below ground pools are made for permanence, the heating and filtration equipment to handle them typically needs to be larger. While this comes at a greater initial cost, these heaters and filters typically last much longer.

Decking for pools above ground

A popular compromise of cost and features is installing an above ground pool with raised decking leading right to the edge. This improves accessibility and appearance considerably. The space made by this decking can also be a good place to keep equipment, pipes, and tools out of view.

Here’s a great above ground swimming pool maintenance tip: Place the filter underneath or beside the deck, but it’s best to do it in a way that doesn’t limit easy accessibility. This space is a good choice for containers storing skimmers, brushes, vacuums, hoses, pool toys, and other accessories when not in use.


When you’re thinking of inground swimming pool maintenance tips and care, remember that while upfront costs tend to be higher, inground pools typically last much longer between needed renovation or replacement. However, while the scale of inground pools and their fixtures means they generally require less frequent equipment and structural attention, it’s unlikely that this would ever amount to overall cost savings.

Either type of pool may be a worthwhile investment in increasing your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, home values may increase up to 5%. Not mention the countless hours of fun they can bring your family! And when you accurately anticipate upfront and recurring costs, routine maintenance will help you to get the most out of your private oasis.

To learn more about care and maintenance tips for either type of pool, or to shop for the best pool and spa supplies on the market, contact us today!