United Chemical No Dran Acid Wash - 2 lb  -  NODRAN-C12 Sale

United Chemical No Dran Acid Wash - 2 lb

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Product Description

Top Features:

  • No draining required
  • Removes stains and scale
  • Treats 5,000 gallons
  • Safe for all surfaces

Between possible surface etching and uneven results, the decision to drain the pool to do a full acid wash has always been a difficult one. But you no longer have to choose between living with stains or doing a full acid wash and draining the pool. United Chemical No Drān Acid Wash is just what you need for a perfect pool acid wash without draining the pool. It removes scale and staining, leaving your pool looking like new, with less work or risk of surface etching.

By utilizing the water in the pool, the No Drān® Acid Wash treats the entire surface, similar to a full drain acid wash but with better results. With this swimming pool acid wash, there are several advantages over a traditional acid wash:

Lower risk of damage by service technicians walking on the pool surface Lower risk of surface etching since acid is not applied directly to the surface. Overall much easier to perform than conventional acid wash, requiring significantly less labor. Much more even results, as the entire surface will be treated at once.

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