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Ultima Yello-Free Algaecide - 2 lb

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Product Description

Ultima Yello-Free Algaecide is especially formulated to help clear cloudy water of yellow or mustard-colored deposits in swimming pools. Yello-Free Algaecide can be used in any type of swimming pool and will allow swimming shortly after application. 


  • Clears cloudy water quickly
  • Effective in all types of pool surfaces
  • Swim in just a few hours after application

1. Thoroughly brush areas that contain yellow deposits.
2. Using the cap, measure 2 capfuls per 10,000 gallons of pool water and pour it in the affected areas.
3. Wait 5 minutes and add 1 gallon of liquid chlorine or 1 lb. of dry chlorine per 10,000 gallons of water to activate the treatment. Disperse chlorine around entire pool. Wait several hours before swimming.
4. During periods of heavy bather activity, continuously chlorinate your pool daily and add Robarb's SUPER BLUE or DOWN & OUT to remove residual deposits and return water to crystal clear.

Maintenance Program:
When water temperature is more than 80 degrees, use 2 inner capfuls with the addition of 1 gallon of liquid chlorine or 1 lb. of dry chlorine weekly. For water less than 80 degrees, use 1/2 the weekly dosage.

Compatible With:
Chlorine and bromine sanitizers


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