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Ultima Watertite - 1 qt

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Product Description

Ultima Watertite has a unique leak seal formula with a dual-action process. Tiny organic particles expand many times their size when added to water. These particles then absorb the semisoluble portion of the formula, becoming insoluble and waterproof. 


  • Dual-action formula stops and seals leaks with tiny organic particles
  • Can be used in spas, hot tubs, pools and fountains


Remove filter cartridges or DE elements (by-pass filter media completely with sand filters) before adding Watertite. (Filtration removes Watertite from the water.)
2. Turn pump on. Add to areas where leak is suspected; or if not known, add directly to skimmer or as close to main drain as possible.
3. Add 1 full qt. to spa or hot tub. Add 1 qt. per approximately 17,000 gallons of pool water (15 ft x 30 ft. pool).
4. Circulate water until leak is thoroughly sealed and waterproof

Compatible With:
Chlorine and bromine sanitizers.


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