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The Wall Whale® XL

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Product Description

The Wall Whale® provides effortless and powerful brushing force. Just like the spoiler on a car helps it hug the road, the Wall Whale's wall-hugging action directs power to where it is needed, reducing lower back strain and increasing cleaning effectiveness.


The Wall Whale attaches easily to any pole, requires no power, filters or pumps.

  • Powerful  -  The Wall Whale delivers more than 10 times the force between brush and pool surface.
  • Thorough  -  Brush your pool thoroughly the first time, using just one hand. No more skipping down the side, missed spots or repeated passes over the same area.
  • Fast  -  The average residential pool can be brushed in about 5 minutes.
  • Simple  -  Attaches easily to any pole, no hoses, pumps, filters or motors.
  • Safe  -  Brushing a pool without the Wall Whale is strenuous and risks back and muscle injury. No matter how hard you try, there is no way to effectively push down and hold in at the same time.
  • Quality  - The Wall Whale includes a Professional Grade metal handle brush. Nylon bristles last up to 4 times longer than normal plastic bristle brushes.
  • Save Money  -  A weekly brushing is your best defense against algae. Reduce the need for costly and dangerous chemicals.

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Was delivered broken and I could not use it.
Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2014

I hope the product is good but it came broken. I called MKM, the internet store I bought it from and told them and they wanted me to take pictures of the broken Wall Whale and e mail the pictures to them, which I did. They said that they would send me a new Wall Whale and when it came that I should send the broken one back to them. I feel a lot of work was expected of me needlessly AND for a $26 item. You guys have to be kidding. Just send me a new $26 item and forget it. Joe

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